Smells That Help You Sell!


“If You Can Smell It, You Can’t Sell It”

The sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses to connect (or disconnect) buyers to your home.  When preparing to stage a house, we recommend getting rid of the sources of bad odors by making a house super clean and dealing with pet issues!

Eric Spangerberg, Dean of the College of Business at Washington State University, has been studying the effects of scents on the buying habits of people for over 20 years.  Here is what he has found:

"You need to think, 'What scent will buyers associate with this environment?'  It must be simple and positive and congruent."

When buyers are confronted with a complex scent, even if its pleasant, they are distracted by trying to figure out what the smell is instead of focusing on the house.

He recommends using simple scents, such as orange, lemon, basil, vanilla, green tea, pine and cedar.  These scents are easier to sort out, less distracting and thus, more conducive to spending.

Equally important is the strength and source of that scent.  You don't want buyers to be bowled over by a strong scent the minute they walk through the door.  As the saying goes..."less is more."

Aloe Water and Cucumber

Amazon Rain

Coconut Lemongrass

Blue Grotto

Lemon Verbena

Oodles of Orange

Clean Breeze

Odor Out


Lemon Sorbet

Mystery Man

Paradise Punch


Sweet Pea & Vanilla

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Below are items I like to use from Scentsy. 

Other scents that are good to use Include:



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